Easter 2021 Fishing Competition Summary

Thank you to everyone who played a role in our Easter 2021 Fishing Competition, either as a competitor or as a volunteer in any capacity. Without you all the event would not have been the success it was.

We are happy that our event was able to go ahead and that the weather was near perfect. We hope everyone enjoyed getting out and about for the weekend.

A huge thank you also to our sponsors. A list of all sponsors appears below the results tables. We encourage you to support our sponsors to acknowledge their support of our event.

Well done to all prize winners, listed below.

Senior - Non-Carp

2021 Heaviest Fish Winner (Senior) - Matthew McConnel - Ballarat

1Yellowbelly1378 gramsMatthew McConnelBallarat
2Catfish1268 gramsShane GusmanNhill
3Yellowbelly1252 gramsGlenda SchulzeNhill
4Catfish1228 gramsJosh BeerWendouree
5Yellowbelly1228 gramsLuke WalkenhorstTabor
6Yellowbelly1150 gramsLocky GreigHorsham
7Catfish1064 gramsNathan BeerBallarat
8Catfish942 gramsGreg ProudDimboola
9Catfish912 gramsLeon JacksonDergholm
10Catfish852 gramsLuke OldakerNhill

Senior - Carp

13722 gramsMark WalkenhorstCranbourne West
23582 gramsDuane BallKoondrook

Junior - Non-Carp

2021 Heaviest Fish Winner (Junior) - Billy Greig

1Yellowbelly1168 gramsBilly GreigBallarat
2Catfish878 gramsOliver BoneNhill
3Yellowbelly708 gramsAbbie McConnelBallarat
4Yellowbelly590 gramsAshton StottGoroke
5Yellowbelly586 gramsEden PumpaHorsham
6Yellowbelly386 gramsRiley WhiteNetherby
7Redfin244 gramsElly CouzensNhill
8Redfin226 gramsTyson Maroneylinton
9Redfin204 gramsArcher KeamWallup
10Redfin202 gramsCianna BeerSebastopol

Junior - Carp

12932 gramsBrydon McpheeHorsham
22714 gramsEli JaenschWarracknabeal

Mystery Weight

YellowbellyTimothy BrownTrentham798 grams

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